4 Signs You’re Hiring The Wrong Cleaner For Your Company

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4 Signs You’re Hiring The Wrong Cleaner For Your Company

While hiring a cleaner for your cleaning company, you would always want someone who is a good match for your company. From the cleaner’s perspective also the company has to be a good match for him.

For the position to be a good match, it has to be more than a job to the employee. The cleaner should be motivated while working for a client.

The fact remains that; the best cleaners could be working at any places before joining you, but when they select your company to work for, it should look like the position was a good fit for them.

If you follow this simple rule, you will not only get the best cleaners but also you can retain them for a long time so that you can concentrate to your company’s growth instead of shifting resumes.

Hence, we have listed the 4 signs which will help you in hiring the wrong cleaner for a particular position.

Note: These are not the signs of a bad cleaner. These are the signs which suggest that you are hiring the wrong cleaner for that particular position.

They might be suitable for any other position within your company. It’s all about matching the right people with the right position.

4 Signs of hiring a wrong cleaner:

1. The cleaner does not live the area they have to work.

2. The cleaner prefers working at different hours than your company.

3. They like work alone or in a team.

4. The Cleaner is willing to work anywhere and anytime.

1. The cleaner does not live the area they have to work

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No one likes a long commute to work. It not only wastes your time but also drains your energy while working which decreases his productivity.

A recent study states that if an employee travels 13 miles (which is about 30-45 minutes commute), it increases the chance of quitting his job by 92%.

If you have someone who is applying for the cleaner position but not from the same area, then first talk to them about how they would commute to work.

If you feel that they have a very complicated route to reach to the office, then suggest them to join your company when you can offer some work close to their home.

This will greatly decrease the chance of them quitting the job, once they realize it is not worth traveling so far.

2. The cleaner prefer working at different hours than your company

Skills for Cleaning Job

The most common challenge in a cleaning business is to find someone, who is willing to work evenings, at night, or during weekends.

Even, if they say that they are willing to work at different shifts, it does not mean that they really want to work.

You might face problems in looking for the particular candidate who is willing to work according to your company’s timing.

But you can always align the shift closer to their ideal schedule. In this way, you can keep the cleaners for long-term to work with your company.

3. They like work alone or in a team

Skills for Cleaning Job

Another important thing you should consider is the person applying for the job likes to work together in a team or not.

They might not have thought about this, but you should also discuss this aspect of the job. You need to tell them about what an average shift looks like and if they are comfortable working in that environment.

Ask them, if they can work along with the co-workers assigned to a location or expect to work independently.

You need to understand that not everyone is people-person and cleaning independent can be a very lonely work.

4. The Cleaner is willing to work anywhere and anytime

Skills for Cleaning Job

When in an interview the candidate says that he is willing to work anywhere and anytime, you should not think that you have got your ideal employee.

You need to understand that will they be as enthusiastic about working late at night or during the weekends.

Another thing you should notice that this person is willing to do take everything which is offered to them.

It should be a sign of red flag because, as soon as they would be back on their feet, they would look for something better.

The best thing you can do is that discuss what the ideal job looks like and if they don’t match the position for which you are hiring them, then it’s better to suggest them some other position where they would fit better.

Let the Cleaners Screen Themselves Out

Finding the perfect cleaner for the right position within your company can be a very tedious job.

Hence, the best way to find the right person for the position is by letting them screen out themselves. I know what your next question would be – How can we do that?

One way you can save your time on screening out cleaners who are not a good fit is by writing better job postings.

While writing a job posting you should mention every detail about the requirement for the position.

You need to write the minute requirements like the work schedule, how long the employee has to work, where the work is, etc.

Hence, while reading the job posting a person would automatically screen themselves out if they are not fit for the company.


Investing your time in hiring for the perfect match of the position can be a little daunting but if you can find the right combination of experience and enthusiasm, then it can hugely benefit you and your company.

The cleaning industry is all about people. Every company’s service is dependent on the type and quality of people it posses.

If you have the right kind of employees, they will try to everything in their capability to maintain and improve the standard of the work.

On the other hand, if your cleaners are not dedicated towards their job, then it would be very difficult for you to handle the workload.

If you invest your time into hiring and retaining the cleaners, then your business would surely be successful in the market.

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